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7 Signs That You Have Been Avoiding the Dentist for Far Too Long

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Dental Tips

7 Signs That You Have Been Avoiding the Dentist for Far Too Long

It is simple to dismiss many of the signs of poor oral health. Oral health can swiftly worsen with age, necessitating dentures or other medical operations if left untreated.

There is toothpaste to cover tooth sensitivity, creams to relieve toothaches, and at-home bleaching solutions to remove those surface stains.

These are excellent temporary remedies, but only a dentist can determine and treat the underlying cause of your oral problem or discomfort.

There is no substitute for regular dental visits, and individuals who fail to prioritise proper dental health will regret it later in life.

The good thing is that most dental issues can be avoided or even treated with routine dental exams.

Consequently, don’t put off making an appointment until you have a major problem. It’s best to do it once every six months.

Here are seven indicators that you’ve been putting off going to the dentist longer than you should:

#1. You have toothaches

An infection that enters the “pulp chamber” of the tooth through deep cavities and decay may result in tooth pain. Additionally, teeth grinding has been linked to it.

Since many people grind their teeth at night without realising it, it is best to schedule an appointment with your Cheltenham dentist if you are experiencing dental pain.

#2. Your foul breath is persistent

One of the most typical issues a dentist may hear about is bad breath or halitosis.

While bacteria that thrive at the back of your throat or under your gum line is the primary cause of most cases of foul breath, other causes can include more serious issues with your sinuses or stomach.

#3. You have temperature sensitivity in your teeth

Harmful germs that wreak havoc on your teeth and wear away the protective enamel cause tooth decay.

When the decaying tooth enamel is worn down to the point where the nerves and blood vessels are visible, your teeth become sensitive to both hot and cold food and drink. This can indicate cavities or tooth decay.

#4. Your gums are swollen, bulging, or easily bleed

Plaque that accumulates beneath the gum line due to poor brushing habits or a lack of oral hygiene causes inflamed gums. As a result, your gums may seem to be peeling away from your teeth.

If a patient’s gums are puffy, irritated, or inflamed, a dentist must treat gingivitis or periodontitis before it worsens.

#5. You notice a change in your mouth’s colour or texture

A dentist should examine your mouth for any unexpected changes to the colour or texture, such as white or red spots where none previously existed or lumps and bumps that won’t go away.

They might be the first indications of various dental conditions, such as tongue, throat, or mouth cancer.

#6. You have trouble swallowing or feel discomfort

Older people frequently express this complaint. If you have dry mouth or ulcers, the cause may be simple to address. If it’s related to a drug you’re taking, though, it may not be.

Parkinson’s disease and stroke are two other factors that warrant further attention. Your dentist can assist you in devising a strategy to reduce your discomfort and enable you to resume enjoying your favourite meals and beverages.

#7. You experience a metallic or other strange mouth taste

This may be brought on by the drugs you’re taking, the medical care you’re receiving, a pregnancy-related side effect, ageing, smoking, or hormonal changes.

It might also indicate gingivitis, a bothersome condition primarily brought on by plaque accumulation. To improve your dental health, a dentist can assist you in ruling out specific problems.

Dental Care in Cheltenham

Don’t put off seeing your dentist until you experience an issue. Regular dental check-ups are essential, so your dentist may identify and treat oral disease and other dental problems early.

By doing so, you may avoid the need for a terrible root canal a few years from now.

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Our dentists constantly act in your best interests. Every time, we investigate your issue in great detail. We never skimp on care and never rush you through it.

We refer to this as “thorough and personalised care.” We will assist you in understanding the significance of maintaining good oral and dental health and how it relates to overall wellness.

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