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Grinding Treatment


Teeth Grinding Treatment Cheltenham

Waking up tired, with sore jaw,or notice your teeth is wearing out faster than you thought it is for your age.

Teeth Grinding Treatment Cheltenham

You may not be aware that you are grinding/clenching your teeth while sleeping and occasionally even when you are awake, under stressful situations. This condition is also called bruxism.

In kids, so long as they do not have crooked teeth, chances are that as they grow, they will stop clenching the teeth. For Adults this is a concern that needs attention.

Teeth grinding and clenching can have impact on quality of sleep, thus quality of life.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Symptoms of teeth grinding include the following:

  • facial pain
  • headaches
  • earache
  • pain and stiffness in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles, which can lead to temporomandibular disorder
  • disrupted sleep
  • worn-down teeth, which can result in increased sensitivity and even tooth loss
  • broken teeth or restorations

Facial pain and headaches often go away when you stop grinding your teeth.

Tooth damage usually only happens in more severe cases and may need treatment.

teeth grinding solution cheltenham

Teeth Grinding Solution

Teeth grinding is caused by many factors. From stress to breathing difficulties.

Crooked teeth causing abnormal bite is also one of many other reasons.

A thorough investigation can determine the cause and appropriate intervention can be decided by the dentist, that may involve referral to other specialists as well.

Teeth Grinding Treatment in Cheltenham

Teeth grinding is a common dental problem with many possible causes. Treating it early is important to prevent significant dental complications.

If you are or believe that you are grinding your teeth, visit your Cheltenham dentist for a consultation and treatment for bruxism.

To receive teeth grinding treatment in Cheltenham, contact us on (03) 9583 5506 or request your appointment online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people grind their teeth?
People may grind their teeth as an emotional response to anger or stress.

It may also become a habit when partaking in any strenuous activity, such as weightlifting.

Most people may also grind their teeth unknowingly while they sleep, something that’s hypothesised to be linked to depression, tobacco use, alcohol consumption and/or caffeine consumption, among others.

How do I know I grind my teeth at night?
Many people grind their teeth at night, during sleep. This condition is called bruxism.

Bruxism needs to be treated immediately because the force generated during teeth grinding is such that it can lead to severe dental problems.

When do I seek help?

If you grind your teeth, or if you suspect teeth grinding may be to blame for pain or other symptoms, see your Cheltenham dentist.

We can examine your teeth to determine if you grind them. We can also look at your bite and alignment and provide treatment options.