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What Can I Eat After Tooth Extraction? 7 Tips from Dentist On Warrigal Cheltenham

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Tooth Extraction

A nutritious diet is an essential part of a fast recovery.

It is important that you maintain a diet of soft, nutritious foods to help speed healing to maintain a feeling of well-being and to lessen discomfort.

Here’s a list of soft foods to eat after teeth removal to help guide you:

  1. Soup
    Pureed vegetable soups are easy on your mouth and teeth because there are no large pieces of vegetable or meat that you would have to chew.
  2. Applesauce
    Applesauce is very soft and the perfect temperature for people recovering from tooth surgery.
  3. Yogurt
    Yogurt is another great healthy breakfast or snack to have if you get a tooth pulled. Grab plain yogurt that doesn’t have pieces of fruit or granola.
  4. Eggs
    Eggs are a rich source of protein and good for breakfast or dinner when you need to be careful with your teeth and mouth after extraction.
  5. Oatmeal
    To avoid irritating your gum, make sure that the oatmeal is lukewarm before you eat it.
  6. Mashed Potatoes
    Get a lot of nutrients in only a few bites of mashed potatoes, which you may need if you’re struggling to eat after your dental surgery.
  7. Cottage Cheese
    Cottage cheese is a source of protein that you can eat as a snack, or you can add it to enhance other meals.

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We’ve given you 7 ideas for foods you can eat after you have a tooth extracted. Are you surprised at the variety?

Your dental team may have their favourites, so don’t hesitate to ask them!

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