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dental clean blurb cheltenham

Clean Your Teeth

Need a professional dental clean?

Your Cheltenham dentist removes plaque, tartar, and stains. Regular cleaning keeps your gums and teeth healthy.

Whiten Your Teeth blurb cheltenham

Whiten Your Teeth

Stains and discoloured teeth?

Bring back the natural whiteness of your teeth within the clinic or in the comfort of your home.

Align Your Teeth blurb cheltenham

Align Your Teeth

Crooked teeth?

We offer both Braces and Invisalign based systems for aligning upper and lower teeth the way it should be.

Treatments can last between 6 months to 18 months, depending upon the complexity of the alignment.

Repair Your Teeth blurb cheltenham

Repair Your Teeth

Chipped or Broken tooth?

Repair cracked worn or decayed tooth with fillings, inlays, On-lays, veneers and crowns.

Replace Your teeth blurb cheltenham

Replace Your teeth

Can’t chew food well? Are you scared to laugh out loud?

Get back your smile and full function of your tooth by replacing your missing tooth with bridges, dentures and implants.

Remove Wisdom Tooth blurb cheltenham

Remove Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth partially out, causing difficulty in cleaning? Are you worried about infection and pain?

We can help remove the impacted wisdom tooth through surgical extractions.

Treat Your Jaw Pain blurb cheltenham

Treat Your Jaw Pain

We treat teeth grinding known as bruxism, and also temporomandibular disorders causing jaw pain, headache, earache and chronic facial pain.

This can also lead to obstructive sleep apnoea.